Davidson Windmill Built 1904.







Windmill Time Line  1886 - 1892 - 1900 - 1904 - 1920 - 1926 - 1956 - 2000 - 2001 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009


1886 : In October Jacob Tapola Davidson arrives to secure his claim on his 80 acre homestead.  (By Gene Davidson)


1892 Homestead patent was granted to Jacob Davidson on the land where the Windmill is now located.


1900 Construction begins on the Davidson Windmill. (By Gene Davidson)


1904  The Windmill is completed after about four years of work by a Finnish immigrant, Jacob Davidson, to grind flour and animal feed for farmers in the area. (By Gene Davidson)




1926  The windmill ceases operation because of competition from mills in Superior, and the death of the builder. (By Gene Davidson)


1956  The windmill has fallen into disrepair and shows damage by vandals. The mill is restored by the builder's son and grandson. (By Gene Davidson)


2000  A partial facelift is performed on the wings and hub as well as repainting.  (By Gene Davidson)


2001  The mill is donated to the Old-Brule Heritage Society by the Davidson family


2007  Windmill Blades turning.   Yes the Windmill Blades are turning again, our members have been working very hard to accomplish this task.

    Only the blades and it's main support shaft are turning at this point in time, and due to the inability to control the speed with the varying wind conditions, we decided to turn the blades and shaft with an electric motor and the components that are necessary to control the speed of the blades. It take approximately 1 minutes for the blades to make one complete revolution.


2008  The mill is reroofed.


2009  A book about the history of the setting, and the construction, restoration and operation of the windmill is available from OBHS for $8.00.  

      To view the Front and Back Covers, click on Front cover or Back cover


Eskolin Log house now on the Windmill grounds as shown in  the picture below in Spring of 2007.



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