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Old-Brule Heritage Society

Founded in 1998 to Preserve and Share the Heritage of the Old-Brule Region


  The Old-Brule Heritage Society is an all volunteer group.

With no paid staff,  answers to questions and responses to sending gift items may take longer.


 Please address any comments or questions to any of the Board members,

at either of the following addresses:


Our E-mail address for

Old-Brule Heritage Society

Click on



Old-Brule Heritage Society, Inc.

P.O. Box 24

Maple, WI 54854



 Dennis Hill, Amnicon,  President,  Trish Hursh ,  1st V. P.

Lila Ronn, Lakeside, Secretary,     Matt Miller, Superior  , Treasurer,

 Audrey Hakkila, Poplar, 2nd V.P.,  Janine Seis, Lake Nebagamon (Assistant  Treasurer's)  

       Dorothy Bergsten, Poplar,  Bruce Carlson, Superior,  Jim Mattson, Poplar,           

  Jody Swanson, Brule,  Shirley Kankas-Umolac, Lake Nebagamon

  Charlene Harms, Duluth, Alternate , Lois Pollari  Lake Nebagamon,  Alternate, 

Jim Pellman, Maple, Emeritus











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