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Old-Brule Heritage Society

Founded in 1998 to Preserve and Share the Heritage of the Old-Brule Region

For a membership application form.

Anyone interested in joining the Old-Brule Heritage Society is encouraged to attend

any of our meetings and programs. To join please send in the "Membership application

Form"  or you  may contact any member or  our Treasurer, Paul Colby,

P. O. Box 24, Maple, WI  54854.Our annual dues are $15.00 for individuals,

and $25.00 for families, payable at the time of our annual meeting in August.

Higher levels of support are always welcome.

For a membership application form please press Membership Application Form



Volunteer Hours cards for years 2011-2012 & 2010-2011

To get your new (blue) Volunteer Hours form for the year

August 2011- July 2012, Please click on Volunteer Hours form 2011-2012.

Or last years for listed below.

August 2010 - July 2011, Please click on Volunteer Hours form 2010_2011,

and turn in your 2009-2010 cards. Start recording your 2010-2011 hours.


 Memorial Walkway

   Donation Opportunities


For the comfort and safety of our guests, a Memorial walkway has

been built from the Davidson Windmill to the Eskolin Log House.

The dark brick pavers on each side, will carry the names of donors.

These donations will be used for the completion of the walkway and

for the maintaining of the Windmill property. Names may be placed

on the dark brick pavers as Memorials for a donation of $15.00 See

Paver Order Form for more details,

please press "Memorial Walkway",

for a pdf copy of the Order form.
















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