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Old-Brule Heritage Society

Founded in 1998 to Preserve and Share the Heritage of the Old-Brule Region

OBHS Books

"Wisconsin Far Northwest"

       (Old-Brule history)


  "Sisu and Sauna"

  (Town of Lakeside history)


"The Davidson Windmill"

(The builder and his Windmill)

This booklet is available for $8.00 + $2.00 shipping


Other Regional History


 Nan Wisherd’s books

   "Pathways"  and

    "Echoes of the Past"

   "Brule River Forest

     and Lake Superior:

     Cloverland Anecdotes"

       (Cloverland's history)


Pearson Family book

   "Looking for a New


       (Cloverland history)


Jerrard's book

"Brule River of Wisconsin"


All books are available for $20.00 a copy + $3.50 shipping.

The Brule History Research Group Calendars:

The Brule History Research Group, organized in 1995,  produced its eighth and final calendar in 2005 with more pictures of Brule’s past. Proceeds from these annual calendar sales since 1998, when the first one was produced, are being used for the publication of the history of Brule, to be completed very soon.. The 2005 is their final calendar.  Limited numbers of their 2005 & earlier issues are available.

Please contactl Janet Follis,   P. O. Box 114, Brule, WI 54820 Or call at (715) 372-4948



NEW 2020

Old-Brule Heritage Society, History Photo Calendar, available for $9.00

Calendars are  sold at the following locations:

* Poplar Hardware in            Poplar

* Poplar Village Market

* Twin Gables Restaurant, in Brule

*  Sharon's Restaurant in Lake Nebagamon

* Cable Publishing in Waino (Juntti)


* At our Regular meetings and can be ordered by Mail.

2019 and earlier Old-Brule Heritage Society, History Photo Calendar, are still available in limited numbers :

2018 for $7.00

2017 for $6.00

2016 - 2006 for $5.00


For Historical calendars from 1998 to 2005 see "The Brule History Research Group Calendars"



FUND-RAISING   MERCHANDISE   Great ideas for gifts.


The Society  has available regional history magnets. The  magnets are $1 each or 6 for $5.00, and these proceeds go into our General Fund.

 Plus  Davidson Windmill memorabilia: Caps, (as shown)

Other colors available.

(The new light blue cap with Windmill picture, see Order Form for other colors.)


 mugs, and tee shirts and sweat shirts for sale.  The Windmill mugs are $8.00, Caps are $12.00, and Tee shirts, any size, $10, all proceeds going into the Windmill Fund.  Sweat shirts, limited sizes available (See Order sheet for sizes), price listed above, taxes included.


David Noah Seis photograph of the mill for sale. This image comes in two sizes: 4 by 5 inches,
 and 8 ˝ by 11 inches. The smaller reproductions can also be used as post cards as each has a brief historical description on
half of its reverse side. Prices are $1.00,  and the largest one which has no printing on it $3.00. All are laser reproductions on card
stock suitable for framing. This same image is available in our magnet series.


Please click on the Order Form pages  for a complete list of all our  merchandise and details on price and shipping information.

Wisconsin tax is included in all our prices. Shipping and handling for mugs, caps and tee shirts is a $4.00 minimum. All items are available
for purchase at our meetings or by contacting an O-BHS member.


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